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Why Don’t the Jews Believe in Jesus?

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That is a question that has plagued Christians for 2,000 years and been the cause of much confusion, fear and animosity between Jews and Christians.

Rabbi Shraga Simmons, co-founder of the popular Hasidic website attempts to give some answers why he believes Jews do not believe in Jesus, and Jews and Christians would do well to listen.

The rabbi’s main point is that Jews do not believe that Jesus satisfies the prophecies concerning the Messiah. The Bible verses that do appear to point to Jesus are often mistranslated by Christians who do not know the original Hebrew. And since there has never been an occurrence of “all Israel” accepting Jesus, which is considered crucial for recognizing the Messiah, Jews see no path to faith in Jesus as their Messiah, except for the few Messianic Jews who do.

Let’s look at the rabbi’s arguments.


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